A fully digital and analogue Tachograph centre is available to all our customers. We are the nominated centre for Stoneridge, which allows us to stock many of their products in house for immediate use.

Our tachograph station has plenty of space and height capable of accommodating some of the largest vehicles without difficulty.

Stoneridge‘ tachograph design and manufacturing history spans three decades, giving us the insight and experience to ensure you receive exactly what you want: highly reliable, robust products:

SE5000 Digital Tachograph

The radio-sized SE5000 incorporates 2 smartcard slots, LCD display and thermal printer.

With its internal data storage facility, the SE5000 has the ability to download or print up to 1 year’s tachograph activity. This tachograph also records data onto drivers cards, which hold approx. 28 days activity before getting over-written.

The SE5000 is simple to operate and includes many features designed to make the driver’s job easier, including Drivers Break Warning, Daily Activity Prints, automatic recording of activities for driver & vehicle.

The tachograph and smartcards data can be downloaded and analysed, giving the capability of using the data within a fleet management tool.

  • Quiet card insertion
  • 12v & 24V variants (Light & Heavy vehicles)
  • Robust card reader (no motors to breakdown)
  • Lifetime internal battery
  • Manual card eject facility (If card gets stuck inside VU)
  • User replaceable printer drawer
  • Easy paper roll loading system
  • ADR variants
  • Full country naming
  • Additional data recording functions as standard
  • Activity change facility, independent of menu in display

Analogue Tachographs

Despite changes to legislation regarding digital tachographs, in the majority of EU countries, replacement tachographs will still be analogue.

Our range of analogue tachographs cover a huge range of trucks and applications, are easy to fit, and come with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

2400 Radio Style Tachograph

The 2400 Tachograph delivers quality, reliability and durability. There are a huge range of models available, and we can also provide versions for light vehicles.

  • Full range to suit most vehicles
  • Programmable 4th stylus on most models
  • Accommodates a range of input speed signals
  • No battery replacement necessary
  • Serial data output
  • New and FRU types

Can be fitted into vehicles manufactured by: Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Iveco, Renault, DAF, Ford and manymore.

8400 Tachograph

The circular 8400 tachograph has a conventional speedometer display and odometer, together with the standard tachograph chart recording features for speed, duty and distance. We can also supply a standard fitment tachograph for general use in trucks and vans.

  • Circular conventional speedometer display
  • Superior unlimited mileage warranty
  • Full range to suit most vehicles
  • Uses standard charts
  • 12 or 24v option
  • 125 km/h, 140 km/h & 180 km/h
  • 1 or 2 driver options
  • Four stylus versions to record revs and events available

Can be fitted into vehicles manufactured by: Scania, Mercedes, Man, Volvo, Iveco, Renault, ERF, DAF and many more.