Heavy Haulage

Boasting a specialist vehicle and trailer fleet providing both ridged and articulated combinations covering 26ton, 44ton, 80ton, 120ton & 150ton gross. Offering ridged and articulated combinations. Three and four axle step frames and low beds which are capable of extending and rear steering.

We pride ourselves on being able to take the most difficult of loads to the most awkward of sites.

We are always looking for return loads throughout the UK, to develop cost-effective solutions to meet our customers heavy haulage needs.

Heavy Equipment Movers – It doesn’t matter what size your piece of equipment is, we can get it there for you. We have the capability and expertise to move anything from the smallest skidsteer to the largest excavator as well as everything in between. We can provide transport of single or multiple pieces as well as making multiple pickup and deliveries.

Flatbed Trucking – Smiths provide expert flatbed trucking service in the UK for a wide variety of industries. We can provide the specific equipment needed to meet the needs of any project, hauling such diverse flatbed machinery & equipment, plant and other specialised equipment.

Abnormal & Oversized Loads – Abnormal loads are our speciality. Other than your collection and delivery address, we will organise the safest route depending on the load we are carrying and where required an escort vehicle and driver. Both escort and lorry drivers are in constant communication with each other. This ensures that we transport your equipment with the utmost care and safety.

Take a look at some of our latest heavy haulage work in the gallery or for more information visit our Heavy Haulage site